Dec 2019 BOD business recap

16 Dec 2019 2:04 PM | TRAVIS WILLIAMS

Business and Committee Assignment recap:

The board met yesterday to recap our 2019 year and roll into 2020 with committee assignments and goals.  Committee assignments are as follows:

  • Vendor Relations- Erik Parker/Travis Williams
  • Communications- Travis Williams
  • Events and Education- Nate Jordan/Corey Wisher
  • Membership and By-laws- Dan Crumrine
  • Allied Associations/Gov’t Advocacy-  Perry Green/Scott White
  • Scholarship- Tyler Bain/Josh Dreyer

A few highlights of the day:

New ideas for 2020 events 

We are very excited about the new format for our Spring Shop meeting that will include three unique education tracks for our members. We consider it a career development day with topics including Professional Growth, Equipment Maintenance, and Agronomic.   The day will begin with Pat Finlen and then members will choose 3 separate education topics each lasting about 90 mins. More details to follow.

We also have plans for a joint meeting with Southern IL GCSA in April.  We will be at Oak Terrace in Pana, IL with plans to provide education prior to the event and social gathering following.

We hope to implement a community service project in October.  We will pick a charity and have our members volunteer our time, resources and agronomic skills to enhance a property for the chosen charity. 

Other events include our Vendor's Day in June, Scholarship Outing in May, Chapter Championship in July, and the Annual Meeting and Education in December.

Up next is the Winter Social at Uncle Buck’s at the Bass Pro Shop in Peoria on January 10, 2020 from 6-9 PM, and the GIS Happy Hour in Orlando on January 29, 2020 from 4-6 PM at Twin Peaks Restaurant.

A full calendar of events will be posted on the website and emailed to members once all dates and times are confirmed.

For our Affiliate members, the PRP will be available earlier this year.  We want to get this into your hands before the holidays, with the form and format very similar to past years.  To our Class A, B, C, EM and AS members, these vendors are very important to our operations and we hope you will support them when making purchasing decisions in 2020.

Another initiative discussed is a Photo Contest for 2020.  We want our members to help us provide social media content and show others what we do as superintendents.  We hope to have a grand prize winner for best photo of the year and a prize at each event for a picture post to twitter.

Use the hashtag #CIGCSA2020Pics on any post to twitter to enter the contest.

The board also completed the Chapter Assessment Survey for GCSAA and generated several ideas from the process.  One is to set up a Pop-Up Shop for merchandise at the end of 2020 to allow members access to CIGCSA logo apparel and swag

A final note from the meeting is that Erik Parker was appointed as the Vendor Liaison and Corey Wisher as the Assistant Liaison. Erik and Corey will be provide feedback from Vendors and Assistants to help the board better serve these important groups.

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